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Ayesha Omer To Star In An Intense Romantic Movie

Ayesha Omer is all set to venture again into another movie after 7 Din Mohabbat In and Rehbra. Her third big screen project for this year is ‘Kaaf Kangana’ and she has already started shooting for it.
Ayesha will be playing the character of Gulnaz is the movie, who lives in Lahore and is a very exuberant and fearless girl. While talking about her character in the movie, Omer said:
“She’s somebody who is not scared of anybody, she’s got her Dada [paternal grandfather] wrapped around her finger. She belongs to an upper-middle class family, and she’s just very rich and colourful.”
“We’ve been shooting at actual locations [in interior Lahore], and that’s been really tough, but we’ve seen the footage and it’s come out really well.”
Though Ayesha has a good screen value, but Eshal Fayyaz will also be sharing a screen with her and will be donning hat of an Indian girl named, Kangana. Talking about having her role with another lead actor, she said:
“The other [female] character and I don’t share a lot of screen space. Even if we did, that’s never an issue for me. There are two completely separate tracks, so I think we only have one scene together because of [Sami Khan’s] a character that connects the two. Nonetheless, I actually love working with other actors because I love creating chemistry with them.”
Kaaf Kangana is being made in collaboration with ISPR and is a patriotic and intense romantic movie. It has been written and produced by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar and will be released on Eid-ul-Adha this year.

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