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Is Sanam Baloch Really Getting A Divorce?

Before you even start some more thinking and speculations on the question above, let me tell you the answer. It’s NO. No, Sanam Baloch isn’t getting a divorce and the rumor mill has to stop. The scandalous gossip started when Baloch changed her Instagram handle from Sanam Abdullah to Sanam Baloch Hisbani. Yes, that’s it. That was the only reason for churning out speculations as to the actress and now host has taken a divorce from her husband.
All it took for the fans to surmise of her divorce with the producer Abdullah Farhat was a change in user name. But, that wasn’t the case at all. This wasn’t a confirmed news at all, and now Sanam’s PR Manager has given us an answer as well.
As per a leading news portal, according to Sanam Baloch’s PR Manager:
“There’s nothing! News about Sanam Baloch’s divorce are merely fake rumours and nothing else.”
“People are speculating because of her changed username on Instagram. That was done because she wanted to keep her surname and cast under the light.”
Chill people! It’s about time we give some breather to celebrities and stop spreading fake rumours about them. There is no divorce happening, and even if it was, we have nothing to do with it.

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