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Motorcycle Girl’s Recent Music Video Is Every Bit Promising

Sohai Ali Abro’s upcoming movie and her big solo screen breakthrough ‘Motorcycle Girl’ has already managed to break records. The movie not only seems promising but it also seems that Zenith Irfan herself will be proud after watching what she has achieved.
The latest addition to movie’s marvel is the latest track ‘Urr Chalay’ and is the reminiscent of Irfan’s amazing expenditure through northern areas of Pakistan. It will make you want to go and explore Pakistan on your bike right away.

As portrayed through the music release, we can see that Sohai is learning to ride a bike and planning her record-breaking venture. Furthermore, we can see that she excels riding a bike and take on to the northern areas of the country that look absolutely mesmerizing. The scenic locations coupled with beautiful Sohai Ali Abro and a heart-touching track by Ali Noor are the testament of Adnan Sarwar’s hard work put into ‘Motorcycle Girl’.
Motorcycle Girl will release on 20th April and is based on a young woman, Zenith Irfan, who travels to northern areas alone via bike in order to fulfil her late father’s wish. We just can’t wait for this movie to be released.

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